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Sugar-coated Lessons The Hidden Agenda

** BY VENKATRAMAN S. HE JALEBI TRILOGY GETS ITSTHIRDANDFINAL book, Corrugated Slices. Taking thejalebi — a popu­lar Indian sweetmeat — as an anecdotal reference, au­thor Shombit Sengupta tries to juxtapose the j alebi’s contortions and tortuosity with an European eye, that is, looking at Indian scheme of things and behaviour patterns with an European style […]

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It’s Facebook In Charge

You’ll soon see articles in a compelling new format on your favorite social network. But guess who calls the shots?   By Mala Bhargava scroll through your Facebook stream, perhaps stopping to Like or comment on an amusing video here and abeautiful photo there, you prob­ably don’t give a thought to the red-hot dynamite property […]

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BRAINY WHEELS The Mercedes Benz CLS 250 has technology built into every component And this beautiful beast parks itself By Kunal Khullar £ Mala Bhargava

  NECTARINES Here. And you know it’s truly arrived when a legendary hunk of Stutt­gart engineering comes with intelligence baked into it. From the frame- less door that rolls up its windows when you shut it, to the screen that sits on the dashboard to give you everything from naviga­tion to movies, Mercedes Benz CLS […]

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