For two days last week, opposition parties disrupted proceedings in the Tamil Nadu Assembly, calling for a debate over allegations that senior government and bureaucracy officials had accepted bribes from a gutka-making company whose sale was Banned in the state since 2013.

On Wednesday, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam organized a strike at the house while being asked by the Central Research Office to investigate the gutka scam in which the names of Health Minister Vijayabaskar C and two police commandos have emerged.

Tamil Nadu has banned the sale of gutka – a combination of tobacco, nuts and multiple flavors – four years after activists accused the product of increasing oral cancer cases in the state.

Despite serious allegations, one of the agents implicated in the case, the TK Rajendran, was appointed General Director of the Police on June 30, the first position of the state police. Rajendran, who was due to retire Friday will be granted a two-year extension and will lead the state police service until June 2019.

Almost all members of the state police force observing the evolution of Friday night while the orders named Rajendran, while the DGP arrive after 23:15. Forty-five minutes and the officer was forced to withdraw without the promotion.

The Gutka scam emerged after a letter sent by the entrance of tax services to the secretary of the head of state surfaced last year and was first published by the Hindu and followed later in detail at times.

It is alleged that the skulls of Rs 40 had been paid to the Minister of Health, several police officers and officials from several other departments, which helped the tobacco industry to overcome the gutka ban by ensuring low level of execution on the ground.

July 8, 2016 The revenue tax service attacked local people involved in the production of MDM gutka brand in Chennai. A month later, BR Balakrishnan, director of income tax investigations in Chennai, wrote to the Chief Secretary for prosecutions against those involved in the corruption scam.

The letter contained excerpts of documents and books seized in the house of an accountant employed by the company. Madhava Rao, a partner of the company, also corroborated payments pitchers of wine, as shown in the accounts.

According to the documents, payments were made in installments during a period of one year of departure by the end of 2015. Page 92 of the foreclosed accounts showed Rs 60 lakhs was paid to the police commissioner of the city of Chennai between April 21, 2016, and June 20, 2016. The documents also show payments made on three dates as of September 2015.

On page 87 of the document, the notes showed a payment of Rs 56 lakhs from April 1, 2016 and June 15, 2016 to the Ministry of Health, but did not name.

However, in a curious development in December, three months after the Prosecutor’s letter to the secretary responsible for income, George wrote to the government alleging collusion between senior police officials and the so-called “gutka mafia” today.

The letter was written a day after the income tax service was approved on December 21 in the office and residence of P Rama Mohana Rao who, as chief secretary, would have seized Rs 30 lakhs in Rs post-demonetised 2000 and 5 Kg of gold.

Dvidaimurugan, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, said that George’s letter had written to cover his own tracks of the scam and demanded suspension Rajendran and George.

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