Here. And you know it’s truly arrived when a legendary hunk of Stutt­gart engineering comes with intelligence baked into it. From the frame- less door that rolls up its windows when you shut it, to the screen that sits on the dashboard to give you everything from naviga­tion to movies, Mercedes Benz CLS 250 is filled with sensors and cameras to make for a high-tech ride.

The recently announced 4-door coupe is, above all, lavishness packed into an exquisite design. The front
grill is iconic thanks to the diamond-patterned mesh, and the headlights have a story of their own. Each headlight consists of 36 LEDs which automatically twist and turn to give the widest area of illumination on the road; this is a useful especially when the car is about to make a turn.

There are also a lot of cameras fitted on the front, back and around the ORVMs to provide a full 360-degree view around the car on the in­dash display. Along with the cameras, the range of sensors all around the car send in alerts almost every single minute of your drive.


That can get annoying if you’re not ready for a lot of information, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.

The interiors are swanky, though low- roofed, and comfortable to the extreme. Mercedes has crafted the inside with wood and soft fabric around the large and spa­cious cabin. The leather seats are comfortable espe­cially the front ones which can be adjusted easily via a knob system to adjust the height and placement of the base, back and the headrest. The dashboard console is something out of a sci-fi movie including a number of controls and a large display sitting on top for the infotainment sys­tem, which is now a stan­dard for all new Mercedes cars. The display shows you maps and navigation, atop 360-degree view ofthe car
BEAUTY £ BRAINS ON WHEELS: Mercedes Benz CLS 250 makes for a high-tech ride while it’s moving, audio controls, connectivity features and more. A clever feature allows the system to be paired to your smart­phone via Bluetooth and then use the mobile data to access the Internet, quite handy when you want to look for the closest gas sta­tion, but it also means you would require afast Inter­net connection with ample amount of data. You can also read and send email and have your SMS read out, call people, playyour music and so on. Apart from Bluetooth there are two full-sized USB ports to charge your devices and also to connect to the music

system. Speaking of which, the CLS 250 comes with a standard set of 14 high quality Harman Kardon speakers throwing out 610 watts of audio power that transforms the car into a live music concert. Some of this means you need to be sitting in front, of course.

Apart from the enter­tainment and comfort, the CLS 250 comes with a lot of other clever tech to make your ride safer
and more intuitive. Firstly there is the ‘Attention As­sist’ system that sends in vibrations to the steering and sets off an alarm to make the driver more alert in case he is feeling drowsy. Then there is the Adap­tive Brake’system which along with the ABS (Anti-lock brake system) senses the
drivers reactions and automatically applies a certain amount of brake to avoid accidents and col­lisions. The most exciting feature of all though, is the Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC. This smart feature allows you to park the car automatically, without the driver having to steer or accelerate, and yes it is accurate. The car, through its sensors and cameras, detects if there is enough parking space. Once it does, you only need to push a lever to tell the car to start parking, and with amazing accuracy the car automatically steers and accelerates to park itself.

Coming to the raw details of the car, the CLS250 comes only


in a4-cylinder, 2143cc diesel variant. The engine comes with an automatic seven-front speed and two-rear speed gearbox which is very nimble. For those who want all the control in their hands, the car comes with paddle gear shifters on either sides of the steering, giving you that Fl experience.

The engine is surprisingly quite and you don’t feel the grunt when you are sitting inside, but with a power output of204bhp, it is not a slow car at all, in fact it can go 0-100km/h in just 7.5 seconds.

The CLS 250 is an extraordinary experi­ence that puts together comfort, luxury, power and safety thanks to all the engineering and advanced technology used by Mer­cedes. If money is no bar, this could be your car. ED

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